Live RWMS railway transport management module

The Live RWMS railway transport management module is an online platform available for a monthly fee that allows you to set up trains, manage containers, railway cars, Gate In/Gate Out and the terminal in real time and in one place.

5 reasons why LiveSoft is useful to your company:


LiveSoft allows you to manage carriage of goods, with orders and projects, as well as to view in real time the details entered by the carriers and other service providers and the status of the consignment and customs information, with parallel archiving of documentation and reproduction of information.


LiveSoft combines data from different service providers, if necessary also performing reverse synchronisation with the information systems of the companies.


Saving time means saving money as your processes are accelerated and you always have a good idea of your current deliveries, while your employees find it easier to do their work and fewer errors occur.


Choose as small or large usage volume as you need with the appropriate service pricing plan.


LiveSoft has been developed by specialists with an extensive background in logistics, customs procedures and supply chains. These software developers have expertly relied on their own experience and needs. Thus, you can be certain that LiveSoft offers the best possible solutions to the challenges existing in this field.

Live RWMS railway transport management module functionality:

Information about and management of the company’s all transported consignments in one place

  • Management of trains, containers/cars on the railway and terminal in/out
  • Your logistics specialist can enter in the system all deliveries with relevant details (client, sender, recipient, loading, unloading, car and trailer registration numbers, profit and cost centres, downloaded and uploaded freight documents)
  • Different parties in one system – administration, factories, carriers, clients, intermediate terminals
  • Integration with partners and other software
  • Information about reservations

Carriage documents

  • CIM/SMGS generation based on the carriage details entered in the system or creation of the desired loading queue
  • The user can upload necessary CIM/SMGS and other accompanying documents for the delivery
  • E-signing of waybills and other documents for paperless deliveries

Custom user views and restrictions

  • You can add as many users as necessary (employees, partners, clients, etc.)
  • Each user will have a defined set of rights and restrictions applied to data viewing, editing and using, file adding and document downloading actions

Management of orders and updates displayed in real time

  • Amendment of information whenever necessary or addition of new data
  • Monitoring of consignment details and status, updates are visible to all relevant users in real time

Simple searching and filtering

  • The search system is very easy to navigate and user friendly
  • Filtering can be performed by each filled field (for instance: sender, recipient, client, date, sum, CIM/SMGS, etc.)

Integrated tracking information

Customs information, customs clearance

Personalised price lists and automated payments

  • Financial module and payments (personalised price lists, automated payments, management of partners)
  • Reporting

E-archive and statistics

  • Overview in real time of current consignments and past transactions
  • Display of various required data and statistical reports for analysis of dynamics of certain goods parameters (tax rates, quotas/restrictions, prices, transportation costs, etc.) and creation of corresponding forecasts
  • Supervision of all files and archived documents, reproduction of saved documents
  • Generation of statistical data and illustrated overviews from databases with categorisation by employees, periods and departments

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