Live CMS customs agency module

The Live CMS customs agency module is an online platform available for a monthly fee that allows you to create and archive customs declarations and manage consignments online, with real-time monitoring of information about all parties connected to consignments all in one place.

5 reasons why LiveSoft is useful to your company:


LiveSoft allows you to manage customs declarations and the data in them, view the consignment status and customs information, perform cross-border customs clearance, create statistics, archive documents and reproduce information.


LiveSoft allows you to interconnect with the Complex customs system via X-Tee, with the data exchange expediting the customs clearance project and enabling management of large quantities of customs declarations.


LiveSoft saves you time by avoiding excessive administration and message exchanges. Your processes are accelerated and fewer errors occur. Saving time here means saving money too because your employees will have more time to focus on their main tasks.


Choose as small or large usage volume as you need with the appropriate service pricing plan.


LiveSoft has been developed by specialists with an extensive background in logistics, customs procedures and supply chains. These software developers have expertly relied on their own experience and needs. Thus, you can be certain that LiveSoft offers the best possible solutions to the challenges existing in this field.

Live CMS customs agency module functionality:

Creation and management of customs declarations with all relevant information in one place

  • Management of customs declarations and the data in them
  • Creation of new customs declarations based on existing data
  • Addition of user-defined categories to various saved documents (for instance: invoices, transportation documents, AWB, BOL, etc.)
  • E-mailing of all documents connected to a particular declaration directly from the system to the necessary recipient
  • Sharing of document folders with other departments or clients (Client login), enabling the client to see only applicable documents and data

Download and upload of XML files

  • Upload of XML files needed for a LiveSoft declaration from the Complex customs system
  • Scanning and attaching of documents to downloaded XML files
  • Saving of documents directly to downloaded XML files

Custom user views and restrictions

  • You can add as many users as necessary (employees, partners, clients, etc.)
  • Each user will have a defined set of rights and restrictions applied to data viewing, editing and using, file adding and document downloading actions

Management of orders and updates displayed in real time

  • Amendment of information whenever necessary or addition of new data
  • Monitoring of consignment details and status, updates are visible to all relevant users in real time

Stock records

  • Maintenance of stock records in the customs warehouse and terminal module in compliance with the customs legislation requirements
  • Maintenance of stock records in the bonded warehouse module in compliance with the customs legislation requirements
  • Creation of excerpts and reports about stock movement and customs debts for submission to customs officials

Simple searching and filtering

  • The search system is very easy to navigate and user friendly
  • Filtering can be performed by each filled field (for instance: sender, recipient, client, date, sum, CMR, etc.)

Cross-border customs clearance

Personalised price lists and automated payments

  • Compilation of declaration-related invoices and their submission to clients directly from the system
  • The system forwards the data to the Joosep accounting software
  • You can create a personal price list for each client for subsequent payments

E-archive and statistics

  • Supervision of all files and archived documents, reproduction of saved documents
  • Generation of statistical data and illustrated overviews from databases with categorisation by employees, periods and departments

Recommended by clients:

“We have used the LIVE Logistics Software solutions at our customs terminals across Estonia as well as to manage our warehouses totalling 32,000 square metres. Amazingly, we save up to 4 hours every day on our current processes. Our clients and partners can access their documents online in real time and our communication has become much more effective.”

- Freselle Customs Terminal
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