Terminal and Bonded Warehouse

The most important tasks of supply chain management are matching the amounts, quality and time with market demand and minimising the uncertainties resulting from that. LIVE Terminal and Bonded warehouse gives an opportunity to manage goods with different statuses (in free circulation or with customs status) using one warehouse software. The system is connected with other LIVE modules and receives information and data from orders, xml-files, declarations — this all helps to avoid the data being duplicated. In addition, it is possible to create xml-files for customs declaration using the data and details from the customs warehouse, which again will diminish data entry and unnecessary duplication of work.
  • All of the warehouses with different statuses (customs warehouse, customs terminal, EU warehouse) are compiled into one single module.
  • Possibility to use barcodes, digital signing.
  • Order picking and managing articles.
  • Possibility to add markers/notes/reminders/to do’s.
  • Automatic settlement for invoices.
  • All of the important reports, entries, retrievals, pickings involved in warehousing.
  • Possibility to let the client check their inventory.
  • Possibility to let the client place orders.
  • All peculiarities/damages of the packaging/goods will be automatically emailed to the client with attached photos.
  • The entries and retrievals are carried out according to the xml-files.
  • Possibility to create declarations based on the warehouse data.

Efficiency of LIVE Terminal and Bonded warehouse:

  • Minimise total costs.
  • Increase the transport speed of materials and goods and decrease the time of delivery.
  • Improve the level of customer service.
  • Improve the speed of circulating capital by decreasing the stock of goods and materials.
  • Increase the promptness and flexibility of the company to react to changes in the market.