Order Management Centre

Automatically transfers information and generates e-orders. It allows to share orders with all the parties - focused factory, sales network, vendors, suppliers, sub suppliers, bookkeeping, warehouse etc.

All the management is paper free and it is possible to sign documents digitally via tablet PC/iPad.
  • LIVE Order Management Centre is compatible with most of the business softwares – this allows to place orders either manually or automatically.
  • E-orders can be sent to suppliers, clients, departments, carriers depending on which phase of the process you would like to make paper free (if not all of them).
  • All the internal departments of the company can communicate and place orders in real time
  • To do lists are automatically generated.
  • All the documents related to one order are added to the system – digital documents are saved and paper documents are scanned, signed and saved also automatically.
  • It is possible to search, display, create statistics, send e-mails, add reminders, markers, statuses and comments to all orders. No need for a paper archive.
  • Bookkeeping documents can be linked to correct orders.
  • It is possible to send request to carriers to their own order centres.
  • Digitally signed documents will be automatically sent to client and project manager.
  • If custom clearance is needed during order fulfilment the customs documents are also added to the system.

LIVE Order Management Centre efficiency:

  • All the orders are under control.
  • Every phase of the process is now visible and traceable.
  • Transport costs are lower due to consolidated transportation orders.
  • Paper free shipment handling, all the documents and information is in one system, KPI’s and statistics give a valuable information for planning and decisions.
  • Digital signatures make processes convenient.
  • Claims and complaints can be processed in real time.