Custom Agency and e-Archive

LIVE Customs Agency Software and e-Archive offers the customs agencies and logistics department of the company to manage their consignments in real-time and modify the data inserted in the national customs systems. At the same time it is possible to use the data on the customs declarations as an input for orders, shipments, and warehouses.

With LIVE you can attach all the accompanying documents of the goods to the customs declaration. This creates a single and unique LIVE e-archive in the company, which is meant for maintaining and re-submitting the accompanying documents of the goods according to the requirements of Tax and Customs Board.
  • It provides the company with an overview of all their consignments and goods that are being shipped in cooperation with third countries.
  • Companies, customs agencies and logistics can create an e-archive for customs declarations and accompanying documents.
  • The web-based system allows all the users, regardless of their region, to search and re-submit documents, both at the request of the customs or your company.
  • Forward all the archived documents via email or share them with other departments or your clients.
  • Intranet for the client.
  • All information visible in real time.

Efficiency of LIVE Customs Agency Software and e-Archive:

  • You will be in control of all of the consignments and formalities.
  • Increased efficacy — the employees can attend to their jobs, not bureaucracy and extra work (data input).
  • It allows the owners of the goods/any party interested to check the validity of the documents/details about the consignment.
  • Automatic settlement for invoices: for the goods, transport, storage, customs, import levies.
  • Statistics, reports.
  • Analyse the activities of users/declarants.
  • All the management is paper free and it is possible to sign documents digitally via tablet PC/iPad.
  • Paper free shipment handling, all the documents and information are in one system, KPI’s and statistics give a valuable information for planning and decisions.
  • Digital signatures make processes convenient.
  • Claims and complaints can be processed in real time.