LIVE Logistics Software is now used internationally!

(January 2015)

We are really proud to announce that our software has now crossed the borders and is used internationally! Thank you all for the support and trust. Looking forward to break more borders this year and make really big changes in the world of supply chains and logistics. 

LIVE Logistics Software team wishes you a Happy New Year!

(January 2015)

A New Year has started and LIVE team is really eager to start creating value again after Holidays. We wish all our partners, clients and friends all the best for 2015 and hope to change together the way supply chains really work this year aswell! Take time to think, to listen and to hear. Beacuse time is the new money.

LIVE Technologies team will visit the Paris Exhibition of supply chain management!

(November 2014)

LIVE Technologies team visits Exhibition of Supply Chain Management in Paris this November in order to keep track of the latest developments and trends in the field. Before Paris the team will meet possible partners in Zurich to discuss projects in 2015. After the SCM exhibition the team will drive to Leipzig – also in order to meet possible future clients and partner.
More about Paris SCM exhibitions:,-26-27th-november-2014,-cnit-paris-la-d%C3%A9fense/

LIVE Logistics Software has saved their customer in the supply chain more than 8 hours a day!

(October 2014)

We are extremely happy that our solution really works. And not only does it work, but also generates quick business savings in time and money. One of our largest international customers gave us feedback that after a three-month period of LIVE modules use, the company has spared in a single process more than 8 hours a day. Our second major customer, however, said that before it took them to formalize one order up to two hours, but now they are doing 12 orders in one hour! From these results we can be very proud of and we hope that all of our current and future customers will experience LIVE effect very soon!

LIVE Logistics Software website is now updated!

(October 2014)

You will find all the information about our modules, efficiency and the benefits of the LIVE Logistics Software at You are welcome to visit our website and contact us for any questions. All the necessary contact information is in the main menu under CONTACT US.