Supply Chain

In today’s business world, supply chains dealing with all the parties — focused factory, sales network, vendors, suppliers, sub suppliers — that manufacture/sell/mediate/distribute/transport/ purchase the product are competing against one another. Connecting to one system only would be ideal, but it is often expensive and requires strong trust.

LIVE SCM gives the focus company a chance to involve all parties in the supply chain management using an online software based environment for communication and information distribution. It allows avoiding large amounts of emails and creating an up-to-date overview of all the ongoing processes. In other words, the system gathers all the parties in one supply chain environment from where the process can be managed. LIVE is Interned-based, every party has its own layout and desktop, each user has tailored means for obtaining/searching/entering data.
  • All the important parties of the supply chain will be added to the module: the departments of your company (sales, purchase, warehouse, production, logistics, finance) and your partners/ vendors/suppliers/service providers.
  • It helps to visualise the company’s supply chain and pinpoint any errors.
  • It allows sharing the company’s functions and processes with other enterprises across the supply chain.
  • It functions according to orders/activities — an order is entered, which could be edited and modified by other departments or enterprises, it allows uploading files and documents and sharing information.
  • Possibility to add markers/notes/reminders/to do’s.
  • Different parties can see/edit ONLY the data depending on their access rights designated to them. This prevents sharing information to competing parties (for example two suppliers or two carriers).

Efficiency of LIVE SCM:

  • Minimise total costs.
  • Increase the transport speed of materials and goods and decrease the time of delivery.
  • Improve the level of customer service.
  • Improve the speed of circulating capital by decreasing the stock of goods and materials.
  • Increase the promptness and flexibility of the company to react to changes in the market.
  • LIVE provides a real-time image of the active consignments, and also past transactions.
  • The company can display different data and statistics reports to analyse the parameters (tax rates, quotas/restrictions, prices, transport costs, etc) and dynamics of certain products. The data can be used for making future forecasts.
  • The data is valid as it originates from system.
  • It offers quick and effective control over your consignments.
  • All the management is paper free and it is possible to sign documents digitally via tablet PC/iPad.
  • Paper free shipment handling, all the documents and information is in one system, KPI’s and statistics give a valuable information for planning and decisions.
  • Digital signatures make processes convenient.
  • Claims and complaints can be processed in real time.