• The Most Effective Supply Chain Management tool you have ever seen!
    LIVE Logistics Software is a new generations’ software which allows you to manage supply chains, logistics and documents with maximum efficiency.
  • Effective information flow and e-mail-free communication between parties.
    LIVE Logistics Software allows all supply chain partners to link into one system. It means that information will flow in real time without numerous e-mails and phone calls. LIVE modules significantly decrease the possible mistakes between parties in supply chain.
  • Allow your team to handle their main fields and important things
    LIVE Logistics Software is a web-based software that helps manufacturing, retail and service businesses to a significant saving of direct as well as indirect costs, and even more valuable time.
  • Online information and user restrictions
    LIVE Logistics Software has personalised view for all users and user rights - so the data is protected and data entry simplified for all parties involved.
  • e-Archive, movement of documents, e-signing - full information and document handling
    LIVE Logistics Software document handling and e-Archive allows all process or project related documents (bill of landing, receiving reports, orders, invoices etc.) to be kept in one location without manual assembly. Just sign documents digitally by ID card, on tablet PC screen by hand or get a direct e-mail system for automatic upload.

  • Live Technologies Ltd

    is a fast growing Estonian software developing company. After five years of constant developing we have now launched new generations’ powerful supply chain management tool LIVE Logistics Software. The founders of the company have moulded their 20 years of expertise in the field of logistics into a most practical tool for supply chain management you have ever used! We have chosen to launch the product in e-county and our homeland Estonia, Live has already users in Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia and Russia. In the near future Live Technologies is planning to gain users in Norway, Switzerland, Finland and Germany. 



    LIVE Logistics Software

    is a functioning supply chain and information management software, in which different parties can share information in real-time about their shipments, goods, materials, inventories, customs procedures and finances. Simply put, we have created a model that allows sharing information across the whole supply chain, managing the transport of goods, orders, and projects; simultaneously archiving and enabling the re-submission of the documentation.
With Live Logistics Software you can do:
Manage your supply chain, orders and network
Change the flow of information in an efficient and e-mail free way
Allow your employees and partners to manage their core activities
Use of online information and user-based restrictions
Use real time information, create statistics and analyse processes
Customers recommend:
We have used LIVE for almost a year now in our customs terminal. The amazing thing is, we are saving around 4 hours a day just from online order management. All our clients and partners see their documents in real time, communication has eased and decreased enourmously because of that. It's easy to use, no complications.
Freselle Customs Terminal